About Nuna

Here at Nuna (noo-nah) Warriors Academy, our goal is to create a positive environment in order for you to chase your dreams. We will do our best to cultivate your inner champion to be successful in sports and in life.

In the near term; Nuna's focus will be to build a very reputable hockey program; one that is focused on improving every aspect of the game for each player and to provide the highest end opportunities for all our student athletes.

Our long-term goal will be to encompass many other sports like baseball, soccer and lacrosse. We will be offering a very flexible and a top notch academic program that will work hand in hand with our athletic program.


Our mission is to provide the right kinds of opportunities for young athletes so that they can compete at the highest levels and remain here in Alaska longer. We are creating a program that encourages skill development and that supplements your current team program.

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