2022 Alaska Wild 2009 AAA

We are extremely excited for this upcoming Spring and Summer season of the Alaska Wild 2009 hockey program. We are working very hard not only to find the best tournaments to attend, but continue our rich culture of fun and hard work.

Costs will be considerably more; however, we are also attending 3 very top end tournaments that will challenge our girls to their limits. We are also going to be ordering new gear for all the players.


Each tournament will have at minimum of 5 games so that's a lot of games for each player.


We are going to order new gear including new jerseys this year since not only are these girls getting taller, but we want to reinforce how special this season is with great looking gear.


Costs are $1250 per player for this upcoming season which includes all 3 tournaments that we are planning on attending.


We are in need of sponsors in order to continue to have the unbelievable experiences that these young ladies get to have when being a part of our group. If you are able to find sponsors, please inform them that we are a non-profit 503c so it is tax deductible. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be try-outs?

No, these teams will be coaches select as over the years we have gotten to know the girls from all across the country and we know what it will take to succeed.

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